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Vincent Kartheiser Daily

Get Your Vinnie fix today!

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If you are new to this community please read

Hey there! Welcome to Vincent Kartheiser Daily! This is an LJ community where you can post and view pictures of the always yummy, Vincent Kartheiser.

This community is pictures only. This is not a place to put stuff about Vince's personal life, upcoming projects, gossip or anything that is not pictures. Pictures only!

We have some rules, that I hope you can all remember to follow.

No direct linking to pictures, unless you have the webmaster/mistresses permission. You are more then welcome to upload pictures to your own web space. If you don't have web space or can't afford it, check out photobucket.com They are good for uploading pictures, and they're free.

Please no hotlinking from this community

If you are new and would like to start a new post: please do so! There's just one catch- you must include a picture because all posts are pictures only! Simple stuff!

Pictures over 500 pixels in width, or more than one picture in an entry must be placed behind the LJ cut tag! Not everyone has hi speed access and you don't want to slow them down or mess up their friends list!

< lj-cut text="text here" >
Any nudity or adult manner pictures should be placed behind the LJ cut with a warning.

This community isn't limited to just Vinnie pictures. You are more than welcome to post Vinnie pictures from his roles, like Another Day In Paradise, Angel, Dandelions, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, or Alaska. He's been in a lot of movies so get with the posting! We can never have enough Vincent!

Any posts that does not have a picture, or is off topic to this community will be deleted. If you post a picture and it doesn't come through that is ok, you can still go back and edit that post to make the picture work. Just click on the little pencil icon when you click on the comment link.

This community is run and moderated by: